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Specializing in WordPress and Shopify.

Many large web design companies charge a bundle to deliver you an impersonal site that fails to reach your desired customers very well.

K&J Productions is a two-person team that focuses on making sites that are elegantA website is often a future customer's first impression of your company. What do you want the design of your site to communicate about your business? How about professionalism, attention to detail, elegance? We understand that goal and strive to communicate it for you. , tell your storyEvery company has a story to tell. But unfortunately these stories often get left behind in favor of tacky, business-card-like sites that dominate the small business world. Personability is the key to standing out on the Internet and making a lasting impression on your visitors. Our designs understand that. , and drive organic trafficOrganic traffic is free traffic that happens naturally on the Internet, usually through search queries that lead to your site. The opposite is non-organic traffic that the website owner has to pay for, often in the form of ads. Big design firms often stop at non-organic traffic, a solution that's not sustainable for most small businesses. Our nuanced attention to detail optimizes your site for organic traffic. .
The result? A more personalized, effective alternative for your new website. For a much more agreeable price.

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The K&J Style

Tacky, business-card-like sites for small businesses fill the Internet. K&J Productions aims to curb that trend by offering you a website that lets the personality of your business shine through, while letting the elegance of our design make a lasting impression.

Personability and elegance is paramount, but near equally as important is our ability to at the same time offer the attention to detail in optimization that is necessary to allow your website to be found organically in the search engines, leading would-be visitors straight to you.


It’s not uncommon for businesses to outsource their website work to a large communications company and end up with a draining monthly payment to go along with a site that isn’t even profitable. K&J Productions aims to offer an alternative in pricing that is better from multiple angles.

With K&J you simply pay a one-time flat rate at the tech-savvy youngsters price, corresponding to how long it takes us to build your website. We’re not a big company. Instead, we deliver you a superior website than the big companies at a fraction of the cost.

About Us

K&J Web Productions is brought to you by Kevin Morton and Jordan Sandoval.

Kevin Morton HeadshotKevin Morton – A web designer since he was 16, Kevin is a student at Stanford University studying the art of Empathy, a key he thinks to designing with the users experience at the heart.

Jordan Sandoval HeadshotJordan Sandoval – Jordan has a passion for developing sites that capture the character of her clients in a functional and beautiful way. For her, seeing a client’s excitement at the unveiling of his or her site is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable.

Why pay a lot for the big business web design firm to deliver a low-quality impersonal site when you can choose a dedicated small business to deliver elegance and effectiveness? Learn More