Retainer Packages

Guaranteed Developer Reliability For Your Business

For clients that we work with who have thriving businesses transacting in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more each month, having a reliable developer available to their needs at a moment’s notice can be a huge asset to the continued success of their business, and a tool to help put out fires that are bound to come up in the life of any online business. For these businesses, the opportunity cost is too great to go without continuous dependability from a good development team.

Our clients who fit this description value availability, prompt response times, dependable development, and a thorough knowledge of their store, whether it is one we created for them or inherited from another developer.

We love fostering that kind of relationship at K&J, so we are pleased to offer a retainer service for those clients who could utilize that type of ongoing reliability in their business.

Our retainer allows us to focus on our relationship with you as an existing client, rather than diverting focus to new work. In exchange for that security you give us, we offer you our most prioritized client relationship, 24-hour guaranteed response times, and a discounted hourly rate, as well as a few other useful benefits (please refer to the adjacent table).

With a purposefully small team at K&J we like to cultivate personalized relationships where we know the technical aspects of our clients’ businesses inside and out and can communicate accordingly. With hundreds of these relationships over the years, we must make smart choices about what we continue to direct our finite bandwidth to. When you retain us, you make your business our continued priority and as such make it possible for us to focus on what we need to do to consistently help it thrive.

*Retainers are available on a 12-month contract, paid monthly.

**Retainers over 10 hours available for increased guaranteed response time.