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Website Development

Our development process is focused on meeting our clients’ specific needs. Our goal for each project is to develop a site that clearly communicates our client’s business in a visually appealing way.

Also central to our development process is ensuring each site has a solid SEO foundation. After all, it does no good to have the best looking site in the world if your audience can’t find you.

The third main component to our development process is ensuring our clients can easily operate their sites. You should be able to update your site with efficiency whenever you please. After all, it is your site!

We specialize in building sites on the WordPress and Shopify platforms. Which one is better for your needs?


The Platform For Ecommerce

If your business revolves around selling products, Shopify is the platform we would use for your project.

In our opinion, Shopify is the best ecommerce platform available, and offers its shop owners flexibility to adapt as needed with different monthly plans.

K&J are Shopify Experts, and as such can offer their clients an unlimited free Shopify trial while the site is being developed.


For Content-Based Sites

If your business doesn’t require selling online, WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress is open-source web software that is used as the content management system for roughly 30 percent of sites on the Internet.

Having a WordPress site requires that you have independent web hosting, and also requires that you keep up with all software updates. To address these needs and give our clients headache-free management of their sites, we offer the K&J Site Support Service and independent hosting packages.

Hourly Rate

For Ongoing Work

After a project launches, we continue to work with clients on an hourly rate. We detail our work in a private timesheet for each client so they can review our progress.

WordPress Site Hosting

We offer all of our WordPress clients an integrated approach to hosting whereby they can have their own independent cPanel, managed by us as needed for your convenience. When choosing hosting, you have the option of either using our standard server at InMotion or our cloud server at SiteGround. Both options use SSD disks and are managed by us.

Clients have complete independent login credentials to the cPanel, meaning that the client is always in direct control of their website and business. On our end, having clients’ sites hosted on our management servers allows us to streamline the set-up process of those sites, while making it easier to answer questions down the line. When we bring a site live we take care of things on the server such as initializing your databases, setting up your FTP accounts, and routing your MX records for your @your-domain.com email hosting.

All the while, clients have complete control over their cPanel login credentials, and thus complete control over their websites, should they ever need to access the cPanel themselves, even with a company or tech friend independent of us.

FAQ: What Is Hosting?

An essential step to launching your website is getting a hosting plan. Website hosting provides you with disk space and databases for storing your site files and data, as well as bandwidth for serving those files and data to viewers. In short, your web host enables you to serve your website to your visitors when they request to see it.

*Cloud hosting price is good for up to 10,000 page views per month, and traffic beyond that may take more resources and incur additional costs.

WordPress Site Maintenance

We offer a helpful maintenance package for our WordPress clients.

WordPress is open-source web software, and the platform as well as its plugins are constantly evolving. Due to this evolution in the software, WordPress sites require updating regularly to ensure they run optimally and securely.

Our K&J Site Support Service costs $180/year and includes:

  • WordPress core software updates
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Automatic weekly remote cloud backup to a secure Dropbox location
  • Google Webmaster monitoring and optimization
  • Google Pagespeed monitoring and optimization
  • Spam comment removal and cleaning
  • Database cleaning and optimization

SSL Certificates

The internet has evolved to a state now where every website should encrypt its data using an SSL certificate. Having a properly installed SSL certificate will move your website URL from HTTP to the secure HTTPS prefix, show a green padlock in your visitors’ browsers, and give you a slight rankings boost in Google.

In addition to the rankings boost, Google has started to show a “Not Secure” warning for websites not secured over HTTPS.

At a time now where SSL certificates can be had cheaply, it’s a no brainer then to secure your site with one. We will take care of all in installation and setup for you, as well as the annual renewal of the certificate itself.

SEO Reporting

We offer a monthly report of your SEO/site health that also tracks the rankings of all of your keywords.

Keyword ranking reports are one of the most valuable things to have a sense of, because they show you what keywords your site is ranking well for in Google, when your site starts to rank for other keywords, how that changes over time and affects traffic, and what keywords may be on the verge of ranking on the first page that would benefit from some more attention.

These ongoing reports should provide a few actionable ideas, and will include other data too like your site’s traffic, traffic sources, backlinks, competitor positions and keywords, etc.

While we can’t offer some more specific SEO services that round out a full SEO approach, like link building or content marketing, what we can offer in terms of keyword tracking and overall reports with some of the technical actionable items is valuable for businesses looking to grow.


Interested in a combination of our services? We offer bundled service packages at discount rates. All packages are paid annually.

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