How We Learned The Ropes

An Invaluable Learning Experience: Site Build It

Site Build It, or SBI, is the product that first got us into web design, and taught me (Kevin) the vast majority of what I know today about making sites that succeed. My first three websites–,, and–were all built using SBI from start to finish.

What’s Provided With SBI

Along with a domain and reliable server to host your site, SBI includes a comprehensive educational series of videos called the Action Guide that is absolute gold in terms of teaching you how to build an effective site.

The videos will guide you to SBI’s other resources, including invaluable keyword research tools that should be at the heart of any business endeavor online, and a forum of extremely helpful fellow SBIers to whom you can direct questions along the way.

Final Words

The result is a fantastic way to learn about building a successful site, and all the tools you need to do so, all in one convenient package.

If you are interested in exploring SBI more, feel free to use the buttons below to find your business solution among SBI’s documentation or view a video tour outlining the SBI package.

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